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Midrash Wayyikra Rabbah/Mordecai Margaliot

Wayyikra (Leviticus) Rabbah is a collection of thirty-seven homilies on the Book of Leviticus. This edition by Mordecai Margaliot (1909 1968), originally published in five volumes, "is considered to be a model of critical editing of a midrashic text" (Encyclopaedia Judaica). The edition comprises an introduction, the text with full critical apparatus and extensive annotation, comprehensive indexes and important supplementary material including annotations by Saul Lieberman. Mordecai Margaliot (Margulies) was one of the first graduates of the Hebrew University, and he became a leading scholar in the fields of midrashic and geonic literature. From 1958 until his untimely death, he taught at the Jewish Theological Seminary.

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